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Going to Boston   6 comments

This morning I am leaving for Boston to attend our company’s annual National Conference.  There will be several thousand financial planners at this conference and it will be held at the Boston Convention Center.  Our keynote speaker will be former president George H.W. Bush. 

We will be in meetings all day and then we have different events each evening with a gala formal banquet on the last night of the convention.  What all this means is that I have to pack two outfits for each day! So, I decided to share how I usually pack for this trip. 


I pick two base colors that I am going to wear and work my outfits around those colors.  My two base colors this week will be black and tan.   I have decided that I am going to wear mainly capris this week with one skirt thrown in for good measure along with my formal evening dress for the last evening.

I use the floor in my spare room as my staging area.  I lay my clothes out in two rows.  The top row is for the evening outfits. The second row is for the daytime outfits.  Now that I have my outfits chosen, I figure out what accessories I will need for each and I mean all accessories, i.e. bra, underwear, jewelry, belt, handbag, shoes, wrap, etc. I start with my toes and work my way up to my head. 


I have my extra outfit in my carry on bag, just in case! My carry on bag also has my laptop, camera, iPod, headphones, book and jewelry.  I NEVER pack my jewelry in my checked bags! One bad experience by my boss lady cured me of that!  ALL my liquids are packed in ziplock baggies whether in my carry on or checked bags. 

Two final comments on packing.  The first picture in the first collage is my suitcase lined with a scented drawer liner!  I don’t like the smell of plastic on my clothes!  Finally, see that last picture in the second collage?  That is colorful yarn attached to the handle of my bag so that I can identify it when it comes out at baggage claim.

The conference officially ends on Thursday evening.  Steve will be joining me on Wednesday and we will be staying till Sunday. We will be touring around Boston with a jaunt over to Cape Cod.   Steve and I enjoy Boston and are looking forward to seeing more of this great city!

Of course, I will be blogging while in Boston! I hope to have pictures to share during my time there.  Hope you have a great week!


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