Show & Tell Friday – Brighton   22 comments

For Show & Tell Friday this week I would like to share my husband’s 10 year gift from work that he let me choose… for myself!  How sweet is that! 


I chose a Brighton necklace, earrings and bracelet set.  They arrived in these really cute heart tins which I thought was such a nice touch!  Hubby scored big let me tell you!  Thanks for stopping by. 

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Show and Tell

Posted January 17, 2008 by Lana G! in Gifts, Show & Tell Friday

22 responses to “Show & Tell Friday – Brighton

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  1. So sweet of Steve…love your choice!! And, love you, too! 🙂

  2. P.S. Hope your flight wasn’t too windy today…

  3. Nice choice indeed. I love Brighton!! My kids gave me a purse for my birthday Christmas.
    Such a surprise!!!

  4. Very nice choice. Just lovely.

  5. Very nice choice you did !and these really cute heart tins is a nice touch !

  6. Gorgeous!!! And ya, I bet he did score big. What a guy….I think if I were you, I’d keep him!!!!

    My show n tell is posted. I’d love to have you visit me today. :o)

  7. How sweet of him, very good choice.

  8. Way to go Steve! Enjoy Lana. I love the tins they came in too!

  9. What a lovely set you picked out! ~Cheryl

  10. It is so colourful! Enjoy … Carin

  11. That’s awesome that you got to choose something for yourself!

  12. I’ve never heard of Brighton, but those pieces are lovely! And I loved those heart-shaped boxes!

  13. Very nice and unique.

  14. What a sweet hubby! I love Brighton, but it is soooo expensive!! I would love to have some of the sunglasses!

    Yellow Rose Arbor

  15. What a lovely gift! Being at a non-profit I don’t receive “gifts” for my time their, although I guess helping people is it’s own reward. Those really are gorgeous. My parents both work at a hospital and they get to choose gift cards for their work anniversary.

    Sweet hubby to let you have his gift!

  16. Just love the heart tins!

  17. oooh pretty and even the box looks nice. Congrats to your Hubby and his 10 years of service. I also liked your photos in the latest post. Awesome !!!


  18. These are adorable! thanks for visiting my blog

  19. Very pretty…I’ve never seen yhat line before!
    Thanks for stoppin’ by my blog!

  20. How pretty, Lana! I love the little box too!

  21. How sweet of him. We have a Brighton shop at my favorite mall. I love it! What a very lucky girl you are!!!

  22. Hello to our cousins in Washington and California. We love your blog too! We enjoy keeping our family close any way we can. Happy blogging!

    Mike and Roseann

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