Pico De Gallo Weekend!   2 comments

I was inspired to make some fresh Pico De Gallo and Tostadas this weekend because I visited my new favorite website

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

This is an awesome website!  Fun, Fun, Fun! 


Tostadas were Wonderful!  I am going to use one corn tortilla next time! 

Oh my was I full!! Hubby, of course, had no problem with the 3 tortillas.


Sunday Morning Brunch – Spinach and Pico De Gallo Omelet with a Corn Tortilla for my toast alternative – because I love Pico de Gallo!

Posted January 20, 2008 by Lana G! in Cooking, Delicious, Food

2 responses to “Pico De Gallo Weekend!

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  1. Your killin me sister! This looks duhlicious!!!

  2. I love pico de gallo. This looks simply delicious, delicious, delicious!!!!

    🙂 LaTeaDah

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