Show & Tell Friday – Dr. G’s Pram   22 comments

For Show & Tell Friday, I would like to share my father-in-law’s pram from the 1930’s.  My mother-in-law took it apart, cleaned it up and put it all back together again.  She has some great antiques with lots of family history.  She has a knack for restoring items and I will have to get more pictures of some of her pieces.

Yes, that is a picture of Dr. G as a little guy!  (Too Cute!) The pram was first used for his older sister and then for Dr. G.  I love that they still have it and boy is it in great condition!


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Posted August 30, 2007 by Lana G! in Family, Irish, Show & Tell Friday, Writing

22 responses to “Show & Tell Friday – Dr. G’s Pram

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  1. A truly beautiful pram ~ how wonderful that it has stayed in the family and I am sure will continue to do so for many more years. It is in beautiful condition. Your mother-in-law has great skills.

    For me it brought to mind a little story my mother loved to tell and that was when she was a very new mum she was dragging her pram (very similar to this one) up the front steps of her mothers home.Well I was the new baby, her first only to have me slip out the front of the pram and onto the ground the wicker top had just openned and let me slide out back, lucky out came the pram bedding with me so I landed on top of it all. She has never forgiven herself even today! lol lol!

    I thank you for your show and tell and for jogging a memory of mine.

    Lee-ann ~ Australia

  2. This is priceless!!! And I thank you for sharing photos of your father in law. What a great story behind the photos.

    Mine’s posted

  3. Oh what a priceless things to have!!!

  4. This is so beautiful, almost unbelievable, as if it comes from a fairy tale.
    I find that as I get older I appreciate more old things.
    How nice of your m.i.l. to save and restore this!
    I wish new generations would say the same about our taste.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. It is lovely meeting you.

  5. This is gorgeous, and in such good shape! A true family heirloom!

  6. This tugs at my heartstrings….such a beautiful pram and the pictures are great…..a wonderful heirloom……

    I added to my Show and Tell since I posted in the wee hours of the morning….if you have time to return…..Blessings, Betty

  7. I wonder where mom and pop put our prams? 🙂
    That is absolutely gorgeous.
    I love the swirls in the metal and the ratan basket. Joan really did a fine job cleaning it up!

  8. Oh wow! That’s a beautiful heirloom!!

  9. A bonus to have, your mother in law, her wanting and be able to restore these old things.

  10. ohhh what a sweet story. i just love prams. they just don’t make strollers like that any more. i would rather have an old pram buggy than the strollers these days. what a special show and tell. Thanks,


  11. What a gorgeous pram! How lucky you are! I think it would be adorable filled with old dolls.

    Cathy 🙂

  12. How neat. What a treasure that is.

    My parents have an old baby buggy at home too.

  13. Wow, it is beautiful and in great condition! What a neat piece of family history.

  14. So very beautiful! Wonderful family memories!

    Thanks for sharing!


    Yellow Rose Arbor

  15. Hello and thank you for visiting my site. Yours is lovely. This little pram is too sweet. What a great restoration job!

    Also, I love the picture of your parents hands.

  16. It is beautiful!!!! :o)


  17. I love old things. Thanks for sharing your special family antique!


  18. Lana:

    What a great spread of pictures. Thanks for refreshing our memories. Love, Dad G.

  19. Wow, what a wonderful and amazingly pretty old pram!

    That’s why I love Show & Tell, you always get to know many great family treasures!

    Thank you so much for sharing yours!

    Best wishes from Germany,

  20. THat is wonderful. It IS in great condition!!!

  21. This pram looks very, very, very lovely.

    Elvis is not my horse, he is my trainer’ horse.

  22. Oh wow! What a wonderful keepsake!! I love all of the pictures!


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