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Corn on the Kebab

After cutting your pinwheels of corn for your kebabs, run a corkskrew through them before skewering them.  The puncture makes it easier to run the skewer through, and the coiled hole ensures a snug fit!


Straight Sausages

Grilled sausages are wonderful, but trying to fit a curved link into a bun can be pretty frustrating.  Here is a brilliant solution:  Insert bamboo skewers (that have first been soaked in water) lengthwise into each sausage prior to grilling.  The skewers keep the sausages from curling during cooking and they fit nicely in the bun!

Grilling Potatoe Slices

  1. Slice pototates lengthwise into 1/2 inch thick rounds

  2. Parboil potatoes until barely tender (knife meets resistance when poked into potato) about 6 minutes.

  3. Grill oiled potates over hot side of grill until tender.

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3 responses to “Grilling Tips

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  1. Thanks for these extra tips, “mahvelus” I’d like to try those potatoes…

  2. Yummy! What great tips. Never thought of that for the sausages evene though we always grumble when the sausages curl out of the buns. ;v)

  3. Wow! Great tips! I have a huge collection of grilling tips and will be adding these to my list.

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