A Night at the Ballpark   5 comments

I went to the Angels/Mariners baseball game on Friday Night with my sister Kathy and my nieces Debbee and Melissa! It was a great game!  Mariners won 6-0 –  Sorry girls!  I had on a Mariners hat and an Angels sweatshirt – just call me a confused fan!  We stayed for the Big Bang Friday Firework Show and because Jarrod Washburn was pitching and doing very well, it was a pretty quick game!   No worries Angels fans, the Angels will clinch the division soon.  The Mariners just wanted you to work real hard to get there!

Posted September 22, 2007 by Lana G! in Baseball, Entertainment, Events, Family, Fun, Sports

5 responses to “A Night at the Ballpark

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  1. Love the blankets keeping your legs warm. Looks like a lot of fun….

  2. Thanks again for everything, Lana 🙂 It was so much fun! Although I have to admit, I really am starting to wonder if you’re bad luck….
    Have fun at home!

  3. Looks like it was a great girls night out!

  4. Sorry I missed it, but how great that the rain waited until it was all over.

  5. That brings back good memories of our summer trip to Seattle’s Safeco Field to watch the Mariner’s in action. My dad, who is 85 years old, loves baseball so three of us sisters and our husband’s took dad to watch a Sunday afternoon ballgame on a beautiful sunny day and had a wonderful time! It’s a great ballpark and we’d love to go again. It’s about a three-hour trek from where we live in British Columbia.

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